Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cozy Coupe and coloring!

Several months ago my Aunt Mary brought us Lyndal's old cozy coupe! We were so excited to let Bryn use it. Well........ the wheels wouldn't roll!!! So, today Jason thought she needed a new one. We bought the last one at Wal-Mart. While Bryn was napping Jason put it together for her. He left the eyes off of it, because he thought it didn't look very cool!.:)
She was so excited when we showed it to her! She is still trying to get the moving part down, she tends to go under the car as she moves her legs! Fun times, fun times!

Bryn loves pens, markers, crayons, & pencils! They are a permanent fixture in her hands! She has also discovered to write on things: the couch, our refrigerator and her feet. We have been trying to get her to write on paper, color in coloring books, etc..... Today was another attempt to do that. Bless Jason's heart! He had coloring time with Bryn!! It really made my heart melt, they were just over there talking and coloring. So sweet! She was interested in it for a while until she discovered that you could eat crayons!! My child will eat anything!!! I just love her so!

Look closely! You will see my daughter's beautiful artwork!


Want some mom?

Friday, July 17, 2009

1 year and only 4 blogs!

Okay... now exactly 1 year ago today I started our blog. Hahaha! I only blogged 4 times this year!! How pitiful is that???? Anyways, this year has been great! Bryn is now 16 months and she amazes us everyday! She has blonde, wild hair and beautiful blue eyes! Jason is enjoying his job at Conoco Phillips, he starts operator school this next week. I am enjoying my summer days with my Brynnie. We love to sleep in and watch Miss Spider cartoons in the morning and One Tree Hill reruns at 1 pm. We go to playdates once a week and enjoy our nights and weekends with daddy. Life is good! We went to Colorado Springs at the beginning of June with Jason's family. The weather was wonderful! We got to see my Aunt Jimmie and cousins David, Annie, & Martina. We all had a wonderful time.

This is all that I have for now! I will post some pics of our summer on here! Enjoy the View to all!
Family Vacation picture

Bryn and her cousin Anthony

Aunt Jimmie, Cousin David and Martina