Thursday, August 7, 2008

Weddings & Garage Sales

Bryn attended her 2nd wedding last weekend and she did great! I am always so fearful that she will start crying or screaming during the ceremony. We got through the WHOLE ceremony with just a couple of jabbers, she was even dancing to the music! This weekend we will be decorating the wedding reception for Chase Saxon and Megan Schroeder so we will see if she really is a trooper!

My mom has always said that when she retires her and Bryn are going to be "Junkin Gypsies"! Well last weekend Anita, my mom, Bryn and I went by a couple of garage sales and Bryn loved it!!! She was laughing and cooing at every house we went to. I guess mom will get her wish!
Here is a picture of Baby G in her wedding outfit. She looks precious!

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